This old school was refurbished and done up in 2013 and was equipped and fitted out to be used as a centre for educational activities and workshops in late 2015. It is divided into two floors and hosts different exhibitions about the history of recycling, the cycle which waste and rubbish follows and areas where we learn to separate the waste and rubbish we generate and what it can be recycled into.

This ECOschool is inhabited by a character known as Refu who is the thread conducting visitors through and along the explanations and interpretations of the numerous topics presented. By means of a wide range of audio visual material, the audience is shown the importance of good practices in resource and waste management. The main objectives are:

  • Fostering receptiveness to an enhanced use and management of resources and waste through educational actions aimed at school children as well as adults.
  • Fostering lower solid waste treatment expenses in the municipality of As Pontes.
  • Helping to cut the Council’s ecologic footprint by improving the good practices in terms of responsible consumption, recycling and reusing materials

Come and learn about As Campeiras ECOschool!

There is a Local Waste Recycling Station at the citizen’s disposal so as to be able to get rid of all kinds of waste which must not be placed in ordinary refuse containers in order to care for the environment. Those types of waste are: oils, batteries, rubble and debris, voluminous waste, plant waste and toxic household items and products.

Phone: +34 667 129 360

Location: Lugar dos Alimpadoiros s/n

Opening hours: De lunes a viernes, de 11 a 14h y de 17 a 20h; sábados de 11 a 14h.

General waste: this is collected every day in the urban area except for Saturdays and eves preceding Bank Holidays. Deposit your waste between 8:00 pm and 11:30 pm. In rural areas, it is collected once a week. Place the rubbish in duly closed bags inside refuse containers.

– Containers: This type of waste is collected two days a week. (Tins, cans cartons, plastic)

– Glass: Deposit this kind of waste once a week. Remove corks and lids from bottles and jars.

– Paper: This waste is collected every Thursday. Either fold or cut large bits of paper or carton into small pieces.

– Collecting voluminous rubbish: This sort of waste is collected every Wednesday morning on request by calling this number: +34 981 45 31 81. Requests are admitted until 1:00 pm the Tuesday before.

Citizen help phone: +34 981 45 31 81 (in order to be able to notify any damage to street furniture, signs, signposts, lamp posts and so forth, or to make suggestions with a view to improving the waste and rubbish collection service).