Homecare hotline

Non-stop phone care and help. This service allows the user to establish contact with a help centre in any emergency situation by simply pressing a button. They will then be attended to by specialist staff who will provide a solution to the critical situation. Aimed at disabled senior citizens.

Active Retirement

The purpose of this programme is to contribute towards improving aged people’s active and healthy life expectancy by helping them stay autonomous, independent and encouraging them to participate in society. Some of the activities taking place are:

  • Laughter Therapy
  • Relaxing
  • Memory


A special-needs educational and residential facility, with a day care centre. This entity has got 27 day care centre places and 23 long-term beds. Address: Areosa s/n, Poboado das Veigas. Phone: +34 981 450 543


It has got workshops, exhibition rooms, a gym, a café, a restaurant and function rooms. It frequently arranges a variety of activities aimed at senior citizens. Address: Avenida Ferrol, 23. Phone: +34 981 440 062


A Magdalena Geriatric Centre is situated in Poblado de Barreiro and provides care to partially or completely disabled senior citizens. There are 59 long-term beds. Address: Avenida Vilalba s/n. Phone: +34 981 450 082


Social Services for Senior Citizens

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