Turnip Greens

The turnip green is one of the truly typical ingredients of the Galician cuisine. Due homage is being paid to it in As Pontes every Carnival Sunday since 1981 by holding a Turnip Greens Festival. Sponsored and endorsed by the As Pontes Town Hall and backed by local farmers and various culture and gastronomy associations, this event really helps to consolidate turnips greens as one of the star ingredients of the local cuisine.

As Pontes Fatcakes

Entirely made the traditional, just like a century ago, when the women of As Pontes began to make them in their homes. Nowadays, this local artisan product may be found the town’s baker’s shops, where they are typically paired with the so-called artisan polvorón biscuits, a lovely combination that no visitor should miss.

Polvorón Biscuits

The above mentioned As Pontes polvorón biscuit, have stuck to the same traditional recipe, just like the fatcakes, thereby preserving the exclusive status which makes them unrivalled and unique. They are made of butter and lard, one half of each, fresh eggs, flour, sugar and are filled with ground almonds, which give them their very own exceptional taste. They are a perfect match with the As Pontes fatcakes and are a must for any visitor to take home.

Fungi and Mushrooms

As Pontes is at the forefront in Galicia in terms of developing and spreading fungi and mushroom culture and gastronomy. Since 1989, the As Pontes Town Council has been promoting these plants actively by arranging events like mushroom picking excursions in nearby forests, mycology courses, workshops and exhibitions, as well as lectures and talks on the subject given by specialists. The “Feira de Fungos e Cogumelos” (Fungus and Mushroom Festival) held in November marks the closure of an entire week enthusiastically dedicated to the world of mycology.

Goente Honey

This is a completely natural type of honey, made by means of traditional methods and processes using local bees and flowers only. Goente is the As Pontes parish where “A Casa do Mel” (the Honey House) is located and its role is to spread knowledge about and create an interest in this natural produce and the way it is elaborated.

Eume Cheese

As Pontes has also got its own cheese, which comes from cows grazing along the Banks of the River Eume. It is rich and creamy, uncured and has a slightly savoury taste.