The Town

As Pontes was born along the banks of the River Eume, where the oldest part of the town is still found in our times. Around Saint Mary de As Pontes church, a small town centre was consolidated which has given rise to what is known as the modern-day town of As Pontes. That particular area boasts the three most significant bridges: the Roman Bridge, Ponte dos Ferros iron bridge and the Isabel II Bridge. The last two are connected to one another by means of a boardwalk allowing locals and visitors the chance to enjoy the splendid view of the River Eume as it majestically flows through the town.

The Parishes

  1. Aparral
  2. Bermui
  3. Deveso
  4. Espiñaredo
  5. Faeira
  6. Freixo
  7. Goente
  8. As Pontes
  9. Ribadeume
  10. Eume
  11. Seoane
  12. Somede
  13. Vilavella.

As Pontes (the bridges) owes its name to the great number of bridges found in and along the lands it stands on. Some of them, the most relevant ones from a historical point of view, are featured below.

On our tourist office website you are given the opportunity to become acquainted with all the bridges adorning As Pontes: The bridges of As Pontes

The Roman Bridge. Built in the 2nd Century AD, recently renovated, it is situated in Lugar do Chamoselo, and it was part of the Roman road connecting Lugo with A Coruña.

Ponte de Isabel II Bridge. This Romanticist style bridge was built in 1860 and is a part of the entrance to the village taking the old road that used to connect Rábade with Ferrol.

Ponte dos Ferros iron bridge is situated the very centre of the town. It was built in the 15th Century and is really close to the previous one.

Presa de Alende Bridge

Ponte dos Chaos Bridge

Ponte da Fraga Bridge

The As Pontes municipality is richly endowed with roads and hiking trails which are being highlighted and promoted as an essential part of its heritage.

If you would like to find out more about our roads and trails and their value in terms of cultural heritage and tourism, you can do so on our website: Rutas de Senderismo (Hiking Trails)

Sta. María de Vilavella

San Mamede de Somede

San Pedro de Eume

Sta. María de Ribadeume

San Vicente de Pontoibo

Os Remedios de Maxarrón

San Martiño de Goente

San Roque de Goente

San Pedro da Faeira

San Xoán do Freixo

Pena de Francia

Santiago de Bermui

Santa María de Espiñaredo

Santa María do Deveso