This is where you can get access to and take a close look at the most relevant information regarding news about different active employment-creating policies and initiatives. As Pontes is a reference thanks to its constant effort to improve employability by using all the tools available to us so as to strive for the well-being and prosperity of our inhabitants by means of vital programmes such as Employment Workshops, Integrated Employment Programmes, and FORMIC among others. All of these generate added value in terms of professional competitiveness and ensure that the Young people of As Pontes are the type of skilled and qualified labour required by the companies looking to hire new staff through our job pool.

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The main goal of IPPEC (Pontés Institute for Economic Promotion) is the development and implementation of self-employment orientation actions. For this purpose, it carries out a series of activities aimed at promoting and supporting new entrepreneurs. It is considered that the support and encouragement of new entrepreneurs, together with new projects, should be a priority objective of all active employment policies and all those social initiatives aimed at combating unemployment.